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List of relevant questions about the 100 Avatars project

  • What type of license these avatars have?

These avatars have a Creative Commons license, so they are Public Domain. Open to anyone willing to use them for any reason whatsoever.

  • Are these avatars free?

Yes. Each avatar available for download on this website can be used for free for whatever purpose you want.

  • Why are these avatars free?

This project started with a silly personal challenge to create 100 characters in 100 consecutive days, we decided to share them for free instead of just store them away in a dusty hardrive.

  • Who created these avatars?

They are a Polygonal Mind team effort, ToxSam, created the 98% of the Characters in a daily basis without any prior ideas. Then the rest of the team, creates the video, post them on various social media channels and prepares them to use them as avatars on different platforms.

  • Can I use them on my video?

Yes. You can record and upload videos, streamings or clips featuring our avatars on any platform, there are some cool people using them to create content already!

  • Can I use them on my videogame?

Yes please, they have humanoid rigging from Mixamo, so you can use that animation library too.

  • What tools do you use to create the avatars?

We use Zbrush for sculpting, MayaLT for retopology ,visemes and UVs, Photoshop for texturing and Mixamo for quick rigging.

  • Can I edit an avatar and sell it?

Yes, you can modify the model and it's texture. Then, you can do whatever you want with the final result. EVEN commercially BUT you can't upload the raw model into a 3D store, that's lame, put some effort into it.

  • Which programs can I use to modify the models?

They have a very easy to modify topology so any 3D modeling software should work. Some examples are MayaLT, Blender, 3Dmax, Cinema 4D among others. Same goes with textures, you can use Substance Painter, Photoshop, Affinity Designer... your choice really.

  • Do I have to give credit to you guys?

That would be ideal and if you do we'll help you promote your project with our social media accounts, but if you don't credit us, that's OK, but it will make us sad.

  • What are the Rounds?

These are the different seasons we're making avatars. The first round was made back in 2018 and the second in 2020.

  • Are there gonna be any more rounds?

Probably yes, but there isn't a defined date for them yet, they take a huge effort on our end so we need time and budget available to focus on this for 100 consecutive days

  • Can I suggest an avatar?

Sure, on our Discord and social media people suggest a lot of things, but usually we pick something that can be done very quickly.

  • Why 100 and not any other number?

The core idea behind this was to push our creative limits to the edge, 100 is a bold number that requires more than 3 months of commitment, is a lot of time, but a great challenge.

  • What are this Collectible cards for?

They are "just" collectible items backed on the Ethereum blockchain, there are only 10 of each avatar minted for each round. They might have some extra feature in the future, but that's still not decided yet.

  • Who designed the logo for the project?

the logo was created by the talented vector artist Ivan Dubovik.

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